Elitehash SUQA PPS Pools

Payout rate 100.1%

1 hour44.9 SUQA100 MH/sWorkers: 30.4465 SUQA per MH/s
3 hour110 SUQA94.7 MH/sWorkers: 31.1668 SUQA per MH/s
6 hour234 SUQA97.1 MH/sWorkers: 32.4057 SUQA per MH/s
12 hour488 SUQA105 MH/sWorkers: 44.6478 SUQA per MH/s
24 hour839 SUQA89.3 MH/sWorkers: 69.3913 SUQA per MH/s
Helsinki: 25.6 MH/s
Pending payouts: 1.94 SUQA
Finished payouts: 10.9k SUQA
Virginia: 69.1 MH/s
Pending payouts: 2.13 SUQA
Finished payouts: 20.7k SUQA
Rewards based on shares, blocks don't matter here
Payouts sent hourly for balances above 5 SUQA
Balances over 0.1 SUQA are paid after 30 minutes of idling
Custom payout thresholds can be set when requested!
Hashrate graph

Commandline: -a x22i -u address.worker -o stratum+tcp://virginia.elitehash.net:5 -o stratum+tcp://helsinki.elitehash.net:5